About Us

A Legacy of Achievement in the Dental Industry

Since 1887, Ritter Dental has had a proud heritage within the dental industry, serving professionals as a privately held company. A tradition of precise workmanship and rigorous production processes began in Germany, with the company’s founder, Frank Ritter. His pioneering spirit led to Ritter Dental’s evolution into a major dental equipment manufacturer with a global reach.

1887: Frank Ritter pioneers one of the world’s first treatment chairs for dentists and establishes a legacy of developing products that will change the face of dentistry.

1912: Ritter Dental introduces a control panel for dental instruments – a major advancement and the precursor to technology in dentistry.

1917: The company unveils an integrated treatment system, consisting of a dental chair with a control panel, drill, cuspidor, saliva ejector, tray table and air/water syringes — a system that becomes the foundation for modern Dental Unit designs.

Today: As a global leader in the dental equipment industry, Ritter Dental continues to offer groundbreaking products and effectual patient care systems.

The Ritter treatment chair of 1887

Design and Production Excellence for Professionals

Ritter Dental products are made in eastern Germany at the Zwönitz production facility. The company also has administrative offices in Baden Württemberg, South Germany.

San Antonio, Texas is home to the Ritter Dental USA distribution facility and customer service center. We are dedicated to offering an unparalleled commitment to customer care. We also have trained technicians available to professionally install dental units and equipment throughout the U.S.

Ritter Dental is building on a distinguished heritage by developing products constructed for years of optimal reliability, productivity and patient care. We invite you to learn more by contacting us or calling 1-855-807-8111 today.

Ritter-Sponsored San Antonio District Dental Society Meeting - August 2013
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